I love to write but hate to publish. I naturally write all the time. Sharing is a separate, much more difficult step for me. 

Last week’s post about rethinking promotion was a way of writing to myself. Tyler the Creator’s voice lives rent-free in my head because I personally need that self-talk to go “out there” and share my work.

Since last week we’ve heard from many of you who were inspired by Tyler’s positive spin on promotion. We also heard from many who are deeply uncomfortable with promotion, and see wisdom in focusing their energy on their practice and ignoring everything else.

We think both perspectives are right. Most of us can fall into either camp depending on the project and the day.

Today we’re sharing something for both camps: a work-in-progress guide of twelve promotional principles for creative people. Ideas, strategies, and ways of being that speak to creative, emotional, and practical realities of promoting our creative work.

We’re sharing this as a work-in-progress Google Doc with comments turned on because we’re interested in including your point of view and wisdom. Leave a comment or respond to this five-question survey to add your perspective.

The final version will be released on Metalabel later this summer and will include insights from the comments and survey. Everyone whose contributions are used will be credited, invited to the drop, and put on the split should we make it available for purchase.