01 “That Man” (The Legendary Chaos Tape)
02 “Living Too Late” (Bend Sinister)
03 “Janet Vs Johnny” (The Real New Fall LP)
04 “Cruisers Creek” (This Nation’s Saving Grace)
05 “Garden” (Live in Reykjavik)
06 “Pay Your Rates” (Palace of Swords Reversed)
07 “Prole Art Threat” (Totally Wired)
08 “Classical” (Hex Enduction Hour)
09 “New Face in Hell” (The Legendary Chaos Tape)
10 “Middle Mass” (Slates)
11 “How I Wrote ‘Elastic Man'” (Palace of Swords Reversed)
12 “L.A.” (This Nation’s Saving Grace)
13 “Fortress/Deer Park” (Hex Enduction Hour)
14 “Victoria” (458489 A Sides)
15 “Hey! Student” (Middle Class Revolt)
16 “Paint Work” (This Nation’s Saving Grace)
17 “Hip Priest” (Hip Priest and Kamerads)