DFA is a NYC-based production outfit/record label lead by James Murphy and Tim Goldsworthy. The duo’s first production was, I believe the Turing Machine album, A New Machine for Living, in 2000. The label’s most popular act, by far, is the Rapture, a New York-based quartet who play a variety of musics but are best known for their post-punk anthem “House of Jealous Lovers.” Black Dice are a Brooklyn group who conjure swaths of noise and melody; LCD Soundsystem are fronted by Murphy, and have released two iconic 12-inch singles, “Losing My Edge,” a sarcastic lament by a not-quite-so hipster, and “Yeah,” an audio tour of rock and dance music’s histories. The production side of DFA has worked with two very high profile artists: N.E.R.D., the Neptunes side project, and Britney Spears. The Britney track was rejected by her management even though it sounds like the Neptunes producing “Love to Love You Baby.” And no, I don’t have an MP3 of it, so don’t ask.

01 Metro Area, “Orange Alert (DFA Remix)” (Muzik Presents Disco Punks)
02 The Rapture, “Alabama Sunshine” (“House of Jealous Lovers” 7-inch B-side)
03 The Juan Maclean, “Give Me Every Little Thing” (12-inch)
04 N.E.R.D., “She Wants to Move (DFA Remix)” (“She Wants to Move” B-side)
05 Black Dice, “Endless Happiness (Eye Version)” (12-inch)
06 LCD Soundsystem, “Tribulations” (Unreleased)
07 The Rapture, “House of Jealous Lovers (Morgan Geist Remix)” (Muzik Presents Disco Punks)
08 Automato, “Cool Boots” (Automato)
09 Delia & Gavin, “Rise” (12-inch)
10 Fischerspooner, “Emerge (DFA Remix)” (Muzik Presents Disco Punks)
11 Turing Machine, “The Doodler” (A New Machine for Living)
12 Pixeltan, “Get Up/Say What (DFA Remix)” (12-inch)
13 LCD Soundsystem, “Losing My Edge” (12-inch)
14 Le Tigre, “Deceptacon (DFA Remix)” (“Deceptacon” B-side)
15 The Rapture, “Sister Savior” (Echoes)
16 LCD Soundsystem, “Yeah (Stupid Version)” (12-inch)