A Writer's Prayer

I used to pray You would make me wise,
Grant my ideas punch and size,
But as attempt after attempt went wide of the angle
I realized this prayer was too much to handle.

My brain is but a brain and my writing often terrible
You wouldn’t believe the edits to make even this presentable
My best writing moments name wifi networks and mixtapes
What useful skill does that best approximate?
No matter how smart I am, others are smarter
No matter how far I go, others have gone farther
They’ve seen and succeeded more than I ever will
When they're the measuring stick how else can I feel?

Then one day I resolved to turn on my captor
No matter what it protested was the matter
I wouldn’t give in to the failure of the minute
My brain would stay soft for whatever You sent it.
Aware and relaxed, my brain swerved past the fear
And after hours of waiting fresh words appeared
Freed from expectations, my mind saw anew
Ideas that surprised even me (who knew?)

My prayer today is far humbler than before
Just don’t let me look stupid or my writing a bore
Give my brain peace so a good story can be told
And forgive me for the sins that might stop this from being sold